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[Environmental Interpretation] [Hydrocarbon Reservoir Characteristics]  [References] West's Geology Directory - Petroleum Geology section, this part of the site contains a large number of petroleum sites from around the world and information on petroleum exploration. The main index gives information on most aspects of geology. An explanation of the formation and structure of the geology of South Dorset in reference to the exploration of oil at Wytch Farm. This is a very informative site about the regional geology of dorset and its hydrocarbon potential. Research on sedimentary petrology of terrestrial carbonates and sand dunes. Provides a good amount of research details on calcretes. Deserts: Geology and Resources. A very informative site from the USGS with information on geological processes in desert environments containing some nice images of various desert structures and processes. Information Devon, a Devon County Council site with relative information on the county including all you need to know about what the county has to offer the tourist.


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