Virtual Field Trip to the Florida Keys

Middle Keys: Location 7 - Sombrero Beach, Key Vaca

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Sombrero beach is marked by a red cross on the map above.

Keys shuttle thumbnail Location map - click to enlarge

Sombrero Beach is a popular beach for tourists and locals. The beach itself shows a range of sediment from fine carbonate sand to gravel. Pleistocene limestone bedrock is exposed as a rock platform. Just offshore, sea grass beds alternate with zones of mobile sand.

The thumbnail images below link to larger versions of the images, with additional information and exercises. Key images are highlighted with a red border; you should also take the time to study the other images, to see different aspects of this location.

Sombrero panorama to east sand beach at high tide mark carbonate gravel beach and sea grass beds
supratidal vegetation Sombrero panorama to west rock platform irregular surface of rock platform
irregular surface of rock platform irregular surface of rock platform, with plants overhanging surface of rock platform carbonate gravel in irregular surface of rock platform


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