Welcome to this website site which will introduce you to Alaska's Volcanoes and will then take you on a virtual field trip to some of them.

For those users not familiar with volcano terminology links have been created to the relevant pages within the U.S. Geological Survey photoglossary.

In order to follow the site it is suggested that you click onto the top picture to introduce you to Alaska's Volcanoes or alternatively click on the middle picture to take you straight into the field trip.

The third picture will take you to a links page where you can visit related sites for more information on Alaska's Volcanoes.


Picture of Augustine Volcano







Map showing Aleutian arc volcanoes





(U.S. Geological Society)




All images on this page are courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey. Top picture B. Yount and bottom picture C. Neal

Picture of Redoubt Volcano